Getting your initiatives funded is only the first step. At Bayha Group, we want to be your partner throughout the entire life cycle of your program—from its initial funding down to the final compliance report filed.

As such, we happily engage with clients well past the funding stage. Specifically, we will:

  • Connect clients with outside organizations, partners and community leaders who can add value to the project or further its goals.
  • Act as the central liaison between project partners and parties.
  • Ensure the project is executed on budget and per all appropriate deadlines and requirements.
  • Provide technical assistance and step-by-step project management.
  • Manage day-to-day implementation of the project and all associated activities.

Our team can be as hands-on as your project requires. The main goal? To ensure the program is executed effectively and delivers the impact and results you aspire to.

Finally funded? Let Bayha Group take the wheel

Securing funding is just the first step of many. Let our team take you the all the way, helping you launch, implement and execute your program to its fullest.