The Challenge

Downey Unified School District (DUSD) had never applied for state grant funding and did not know where or how to begin the process. After winning the grants, DUSD needed help with project management and implementation of the grant-funded projects and activities. The District preferred hiring consultants who would be funded by the grant, so they would not be a long-term financial burden.

Our Efforts:

Grant writing phase:

Bayha Group served as thought partners to the district in developing ideas, bringing in potential grant partners, writing the grant proposal, developing and finalizing the grant budget, completing all required forms, and assisting with final submission to the funder.

Implementation phase:

Once the grant was awarded, Bayha Group acted as a full-service guide for DUSD. Bayha Group has been involved with all aspects of the grant, including supporting Downey with communications with the funder; preparing for District School Board approval; coordinating with grant partners and assisting with their contracts; meeting with district leaders and staff to develop grant roll-out and ongoing implementation strategies; attending regular implementation meetings; developing and implementing data strategies for feedback and continuous improvement; and addressing and completing all compliance data and reporting requirements.

Data and Reporting phase:

Bayha Group is working closely with district data and information systems staff to collect student outcome data through surveys, focus groups, and district data systems to ensure all required data and narrative reports are completed to meet funders’ expectations and requirements. Bayha Group also works with accounting and contracts staff at DUSD to ensure all budget reports to the funders are accurate and submitted on time.


Through Bayha Group’s grant writing efforts, DUSD was awarded two major grants:

  • $5.8 million California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) grant from the California Department of Education
  • $987,000 California Apprenticeship Initiative New Innovative Program grant from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office


DUSD was also able to launch innovative and fun student activities as a result of the grant, including:

  • Tours of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Niantic, University of Southern California (USC)
  • One- and two-week UCLA Nanoscience Summer Institutes
  • FIRST and VEX Robotics competitions
  • Fast & Furious Science event
  • Dare 2B Digital event with Innovation Challenge
  • Science of the Marvel Cinematic Universe event
  • Opportunities to program the NAO robot and present to a panel of expert scientists.


Bayha Group helped DUSD write its P21 and District of Distinction applications. DUSD was selected and recognized as an Exemplary District in 2016/17 and featured in the District Administration magazine in July 2017.